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Gradually, cocktails are becoming popular instead of drinking alcoholic beverages alone or with ice. The same happens with cocktail bars or pubs that offer more elaborated cocktails list to surprise their customers. Add a comment  

In Affinity drinks we export and import different types of beer. Not everyone knows what are the benefits of beer or what are theirorigins. Today we offer you a summary of all these data you should know. Add a comment  

China and Japan have become the Asian countries that consume more exported beer. Add a comment  

Once again this year, gin and tonic is the favorite drink of summer. Currently, in Spain we can find over 240 different brands of gin that can be mixed with a lot of types of tonics. Add a comment  

During the second quarter, the Spanish wine exports increased by 3.1% over the same period of 2014; a figure that translates into more than 30 million euros. Add a comment  

Vietnam's economic growth, between 5 and 8%, coupled with a population of over 90 million people made of Vietnam one of the stakes for the future of European beverage brands. However, barriers to entry and certain cultural differences led to the failure of the business expectations. Add a comment  

  Basically, Parallel trade or grey market means purchasing goods in a lower-priced country and re-selling them in a higher-price country. This is technically termed as “arbitrage” although in the context of trade with manufacturer-authorised distribution it receives the qualification of “parallel trade.” Add a comment  

Scientists agree that moderate drinking is healthy. Aside from red wine, health professionals reveal something amazing, strong drinks are not that bad. Red Wine: The winner Add a comment  

Heineken, the world's third largest brewer, achieved better than expected profits in the first half of 2014, driven by reductions in costs and volume growth in all regions. The volume of beer sold by the group increased by 3.1% due to successful marketing and innovation programs alongside with good weather and the celebration of the Football world cup. Add a comment  

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