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Gin demand has grown steadily in the last years. This results from the new gin and tonic fashion. Currently, 21% of alcoholic drinks consumed by Spaniards are gins.

However, Some gins succeeded better in creating a solid market. Spanish people have refined their taste and prefer premium gins that offer something different. Many of which have a real Spanish taste:

• Puerto de Indias : This Spanish gin made in Carmona (Sevilla) is sold in the market since 2013. Puerto de Indias is characterized by the masterful use of Huelva strawberry and juniper. When this gin started to be famous, it began the the fashion flavored gins. Although many gin lovers criticize Puerto de Indias because of its poor taste of alcohol, this Spanish gin has been warmly received by the female market. However, Puerto de Indias has created Pure Black, a 40-degree gin flavored orange blossom, jasmine, citrus and vanilla to satisfy lovers of traditional gin.

• Nordes. This Galician gin started to be sold in 2011 and it has triumphed because of its unique characteristics: it is a wine gin. To be more specific it is made with albariño wine, a very typical northem wine. The brand recommends drinking Nordes with a sage leaf and tonic, but never with lemon.

• Gin Mare. This Catalan gin made with touches of abequina olive, basil, thyme and rosemary was created with the goal of savor the Mediterranean breeze drinking every sip. It is recommended to combine the gin with tonic and accompany it with rosemary, olive or basil.

• Santamania. It is a gin made in Madrid and produced by alcohol grape with hints of raspberry, licorice, cinnamon, pistachio, coriander and juniper. This gin is newly created, since it was launched in 2014, and since then, its growth is unparalleled.

• Siderit. This gin made in Spain follow the distillation premises that were used in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century.

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