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What would happen if six young Spanish entrepreneurs who do not like wine decided to set up a winery? The response is that they have created the first blue wine in history.
Something that started as an entrepreneurial adventure of 6 young boys from Portugalete (Vizcaya ), now is a great future project . Gik blue, which is how they named the company, has already sold over 70,000 bottles of its blue wine in their few months of life. Isn't is Amazing. And you will be even more amazed when you discover that Gik Blue has also reached to China. In Spain the blue wine can be found in 300 bars.

Behind the company are two engineers, two boys graduated in business and administration, a DJ and a graphic designer. If you ask them how they thought about the idea of creating a blue wine, they always answer the same: they wanted to make a new product which could identify with their generation, something innovative, ground-breaking and a little rebellious; a traditional sector that needed renovation. They thought it was funny to turn wine blue. Wine critics consider it as 'blasphemous' and argued how any product technologically altered can call itself wine.

How do they turn the wine to be blue? With the help of chemists at the University of Pais Vasco they discovered that grape skin contains anthocyanin, an organic pigment that dyes blue. By mixing this pigment with a mixture of white and red wine, they managed to reach the blue tint. To get a more vivid blue, they added indigotine to the mix.

With Gik Blue you will not only be surprised with the color; but also speechless with its taste. These six young boys wanted to create a wine that did not taste like wine and they succeeded. It is a fresh, sweet and very soft wine, designed for young palates.Gik Blue has 11.5 degrees of alcohol and there is no rule to consume it, but its recommended to drink it cold.

Although from Affinity Drinks, a company dedicated to distribution, export and import of alcoholic beverages we applaud the entrepreneurship of these young boys, we only work with red wines, pink and white (for now). If you are looking for a distributor of the best wines, just contact us.

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