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mexican beerAlthough almost everyone likes beer, not just any beer will make it. Consumers demand high quality beers, mostly in the premium segment.

Mexican beer is winning the race, because it has been able to increase its sales by more than one 34% over the past 5 years. According to the Mexican Ministry of Economy Mexican beer has gained presence in the international markets increasing the value of its sales by 34.6% since 2008.

It has to be emphasized that the biggest increase  happened in 2015. According to the latest available figures from the industry, in the period from January to July 2015, Mexico exported beers valued in 1,549$ million dollars, which means an increase of 10.5% over last year's period.

In this way Mexico distances from The Netherlands as the world's biggest beer exporter. The value of exports of beer in the Netherlands reached  1,154$ million.

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