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consume-alcoholIn Affinity Drinks, we export and import every day a wide range of drinks with different alcohol content.Of course,  our company is in favour of moderate consumption by adults.

Many studies have shown that countries where more alcohol is consumed are those severely affected by bad weather or freezing temperatures. You're probably thinking that Irish and Germans fight for first place because of the stereotypes that we have of them. The country in which more alcohol is consumed is Lithuania with an average of 14 litres per inhabitant. The following positions are occupied by Austria, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, there are countries where alcohol consumption is very low. Leaded by Indonesia and followed by Turkey, India and Israel where alcohol consumption is virtually none. The reason behind is that these countries are set by religious and cultural traditions that restrict alcohol consumption.

In the case of Asia, those who consume more alcohol are the South Koreans . They drink Soju, a distilled beverage produced with rice or some other starches.

Spain ranks 17th in this list. In our case, the average consumption is 10 litres per person per year. The results have changed a lot since 2000 where consumption was much higher. This also happens in other 45 countries analyzed. Few countries have maintained the level. Lithuania, on the contrary, has gone up significantly.

In Affinity Drinks, company specialized in import and export of alcoholic beverages, we work with countries included in this list. We make sure that orders arrive in perfect condition and we take good care of our clients so they meet market needs.

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