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taste winesThe wine is a favorite drink of the Spanish and they accompany it in their lunch or dinner or after work. However, not many people are able to analyze the nuances of a good wine.

That's why, from Affinity Drinks, a company specialized in the distribution, export and import of wines and other alcoholic and soft drinks , we are going to explain you how to taste wine properly step by step.

Any wine lover would love to know how to taste wine and even to have the knowledge to know which wine is the best for each meal. This is something that not everyone knows. The first thing to know before you get started in the exciting world of wine tasting is the need implement a ritual .That is, a number of things that should be very clear before starting the wine tasting. For example, do not even think about tasting a wine in a plastic cup or before oxygenate it.

Roughly speaking, a wine tasting is divided into three phases:

1. Visual phase. To do this, you should pour the wine into a crystal glass. never glass beaker . The right thing is to fill a third part of the cup, more or less. You must look at if cork is moistened, because this will be a good sign that the wine has been resting in the right position that is horizontal or slightly tilted upwards. It is important that when we do it we must catch the glass from the base, because we will not warm the wine this way.

2. Smelling phase. To smell the win correctly    you must approach the glass slowly to your nose    without shaking wine, and breathe  several times. Once we sense the primary aromas, we must gently move the contents of the cup to appreciate the secondary aromas. Finally, we must shake the wine more strongly to reach the deeper flavors. That is what we call bouquet. Only wines that have been in a process of aging or upbringing have bouquet.

There are two types of bouquet. The first is the bouquet of oxidation. That occurs when the wine is aged in barrels, so we will notice a flavor that reminds us of nuts, especially walnuts. The other is the bouquet of reduction only for    wines that are not in contact with air that is aging in bottle. We will know that this is a bouquet of reduction if noticed a smell of vanilla, smoke or dry leaves.

3. Tasting phase. It is time to taste the wine. To savor it with more intensity, we must take a small sip, keeping a little bit of wine in the mouth before swallowing. In this way, we put the easiest things to the taste buds and we can identify the flavors more clearly. Before swallowing, we must aspire and expire through the nose to savor wine better.

It is normal only for at first you identify flavors and it could be impossible to distinguish one wine from another or one bouquet of the other. But with practice, everything can be achieved.

If you want to implement our tips for being a professional wine taster, why you don’t start with some of the wines we have in our wine offer?

Even Affinity Drinks is dedicated to wholesale, we only work with the best wines, so you can be sure you will enjoy the wine tasting if you choose one of the options with which we work.

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