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Global Food and Drink Market 2016Mintel, the market research specialist company, has published a report entitled Global Food and Drink Market in 2016. This report talks about 12 key trends from the world of food and beverage for the year 2016.

The study is segmented by regions and it talks about the changes that occur in different regions due to the introduction of food and beverage trends.

Jenny Ziegler, an analyst at Mintel, has commented that these trends will influence consumers and will create new ways to work from manufacturers and retailers who are dedicated to the world of food and beverages. “These trends explore how consumers’ evolving priorities, opportunities from advancements in functional formulation and the almost inescapable reach of technology will affect food and drink in the coming year. However consumers are not the only ones playing a part. A fast-shifting economy, natural phenomena and social media are shaping what, how, where and with whom consumers are choosing to eat and drink”, says Zegler.

According to this study, one of the most important factors in creating new foods and beverages is sustainability. Consumers consider it important that the product will help the sustainability of the planet. The key to choosing a food or beverage has always been "the flavor" but now consumers demand innovation. The appearance of food and drinks is essential. Consumers are fixed in new packaging, colors, mixtures... 

We are in the age of new technologies. People share in social media ideas, elaborations, photographs of food and drink, etc. People share it. They shared with friends and followers growing good eating and drinking. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are social networks where most images are shared.

The Global Food and Drink Market in 2016 include these changes in 12 trends:

  1. Alternatives Everywhere
  2. Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1
  3. Eco is the New Reality
  4. From the Inside-Out: people are increasingly more aware that we are what we eat and drink.
  5. For Every Body: personalized food, according to the needs of each individual.
  6. Based on a True Story: it means food of life, with natural origin.
  7. E-Revolution: From Carts to Clicks
  8. Diet by DNA
  9. Good Enough to Tweet: we must take advantage the boom of social networks.
  10. Table for One: we must think about future generations, who increasingly choose to go out to have dinner alone.
  11. Fat Sheds Stigma: low-fat options succeed.
  12. Eat with Your Eyes: the visual aspect is more important than ever.

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